Professional Tourist Guide
Who is a Professional Tourist Guide? Is a local professional certified by the public Italian authorities to describe, pointing-out, showing and explaining the iconic sites, monuments, museums, historic palaces, the culture, the habits, the insights that Rome has.
The Professional Tourist Guide is a warranty of quality, the quality and legality that each traveler who dreamt for all the entire life to come to Rome, deserves.
Guida Turistica is the italian expression standing for Professional Tourist Guide, each city has its own local professional tourist guide, be sure to not be tricked by young students, retired volunteers, or fake guides pretending to explain Rome and Florence, and Naples and Sicily…. our long studies and degrees made us focusing on our territories.
Italy is the country with the largest cultural, archaeological and monumental patrimony in all the entire world, only a local Professional Tourist Guide can add value to your precious experience.
“Follow me, I’ll make you loving Rome more than any other place in the world”.
Your Local Professional Tourist Guide