“Mens sana in corpore sano” the Ancient Romans knew that a healthy mind it is the synonymous of an healthy body, and which better exercise than walking?
Walking in Rome keeps fit the body, keeps curious the mind, and adds wonder and beauty, and makes you indulging, meditating, slowing yourself while immersed in the ruins.
Let’s start!
Walking the Appian Way  the “Queen of Roads” is a to do experience to be lived! The first consular “strada” road was built in IV cent. B.c. and it is still paved with the cobble stones once patrolled by the Roman Army,  stepped by ancient diplomatic delegations coming from far,  walked by merchants taking exotic goods to the markets located beyond the Capitoline Hill. The Appian Way  was framing the expectations of the ancient refined travelers -exactly as you are today- willing to see the Capitol of the world. An emotional walk during which you’ll be guided along ancient funeral monuments celebrating the men and women that made great Rome, heading toward Imperial residences, and imposing aqueducts, taking you in the Catacombs to listen the story of persecuted Christians at Nero’s times.
Walking in Rome with Rome’s Details will offer you a different point of view and while we’ll talk about the most curious facts, you’ll be kidnapped by the architecture of the  squares popping-out suddenly after a walk in a narrow street, your eyes will be focused on stucco friezes embellishing the top beams of the noble palaces, statues, decorations, fountains, bizarre doors shaped as monster faces, marble water-porters spurting out fresh water, underground accesses hidden beyond the palaces. A walking tour will be the key to this kaleidoscopic  “world” of Rome the Eternal.
A  walking tour in the “Caput Mundi” City could be romantic as well: the pastel orange color of the Roman sunset will enlight the panoramic sites of the Eternal City, where we’ll stop you to  make you becoming the protagonist of your journey’s epic picture. When in Rome, walking in a market with our guides will guide you through the habits and the picturesque gestures of the Roman vendors that will invite you to taste some roman pizza filled with mortadella beside the delicious fried rice balls “supplì”. Do you think all this is it conventional? It is not! It will be just your unique experience.