The wine it is the best ambassador of the culture of a territory, it is not about the soil only, it is about the sun, the wind, the cultivation systems, it is about the rituals laying beyond the seasonal turn-over, it is about the passion that producers put in their lands sometimes so extremes that wines are considered heroic products.
Lazio the Region of Rome since the Ancient Roman times was dedicated to grow vineyards and to produce wine, but the fall of the Roman Empire reduced this prolific activity to something that farmers were doing for their own consumption. The Renaissance Popes where making the wine coming from Tuscia the area north off Rome settled between Viterbo and the Tyrrhenian Sea. That northern part of Lazio Region is caressed by the sweet influence of the Sea which was allowing – and still allows – the grapes to reach quickly the maturity necessary to obtain a good quality of wine.
In past centuries, the papal troops mainly coming from northern Europe and keen on drinking large  quantities of beer, while serving in Rome, they got  passionate about the wine produced in Frascati  called “Cannellino”, and the farmers –knowing about the insane passion of the foreign troops-  were keeping locked in their cellars the “Bellone” wine. The cardinals and the noblemen who loved to indulge with large portions of roast beefs, wild bores stewed in a perfumed tomato sauce, herbs and garlic, were avidly drinking the strong red “Cesanese”… Well Tuscany it is famous, but the wines of Lazio Rome’s Region are obtaining national and international recognizements beside the DOC certification .
The Bellone vineyards frame all the “Roman Castles” area:  medieval villages created around strongholds settled on the cliffs of the great volcano “Albano” located few miles south-east off Rome.  The volcanic terroir gives to “Bellone” wine  a mineral flavor. It is a wine to be tasted in the hot summers, sitting in the tasting rooms of the wine-producers enjoying the landscape and the local typical products.
To produce one bottle of Cannellino it is necessary to have a mix of Malvasia Puntinata – ever since considered the Roman grape- and Bellone wine. It cannot be missed sipping a glass of Cannellino with the typical biscuits called “ciambelline” or a glass of red Cesanese to be sipped while tasting cold cuts of Lazio Region like the famous Prosciutto of Bassiano, or the “Coppiette” –stripes of dried pork meat flavored with black pepper- or the salame “spianata romana”, or the salame “susianella” which is a labeled top notch salame produced only in Lazio Region.
The lucky landscape of Lazio was modeled in Ancient Roman times, with miles and miles of grottos excavated in the tufa rock, a volcanic rock ensuring  perfect constant conditions of humidity and temperature, while the containers used to make the wine aging were made of terracotta, today many local producers are using this old technique again.
Think about how unique and highly personalized  could be the experience of tasting this wines production while knowing about this territory through its  wine producers. Lazio the Region of Rome offers heroic cultures located beneath the Apennines  softly plunging into the emerald Tyrrhenian Sea or clothing the sweet volcanic hills. 

Rome’s Details awaits to be the master of ceremonies of this very new and exclusive experience, your own private wine experience.